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Arthur Nobel and Georgi Nikolov are the founders of Flexpat. They are worldtravelers and visionaries with the ambition to revolutionize the global workforce. Nobel and Nikolov are both steadfast in believing that the location-independent workforce is the new frontier for today and tomorrow’s global economics. We are laying down the foundation at Flexpat for the future of flexible work. Meaning, we connect top-tier tech, design, creatives and marketing specialists with fast-growing companies. We are currently transforming the way people and companies work, live and travel.

Our Services

Flexpat's talent pool consists of loyal, diversified and cutting-edge professionals based all over the globe. The flexpats we match our clients with are leading digital talents and are highly enthusiastic about Flexpat’s mission. We attracted this talent pool by making them an offer that nobody could refuse. Location independence combined with reliable financial freedom and security. As a Flexpat partner, you need not worry about talent-retention tactics, because we take care of that for you. We facilitate the movement of highly intelligent, creative, resourceful and forward-thinking people. Our team has come to Flexpat to embrace and promote our community, e-learning, travel opportunities and industry services.

Meet The Team



Arthur firmly believes that location-independent work is the industrial revolution of the 21st century. He is proud to be among the first digital nomads on the planet and dreams of making this lifestyle accessible to all. Arthur didn’t like any job, so he created his own. Previously, Arthur worked in several VCs, advised a range of startups, and worked in sales for Rocket Internet.



At different points of his life, Georgi has been a martial arts competitor, professional poker player, online community builder, theoretical physicist, game theorist, investment banker, and management & startup consultant. He is always incredibly enthusiastic, some might even say obsessed, about learning new things -- as if the Earth would stop turning if he stops thinking. He loves to travel the world together with his wife, and they are always planning on where to go next.



Starting out in San Francisco, David has trained at the heart of technological development and has seen the rising tide of location-independence first hand. He is no stranger to the startup grind and this resilience has followed him through a decade of hard-won knowledge. Prior to Flexpat, David has spent four years and counting as a flexpat, consulting for startups all around the world.



Armed with a media and a marketing degree, Gerry has helped numerous international startups find their true brand identity and voice. Her wizardry consists of the art and craft of language paired with strategic out-of-the-box thinking. Previously active in advertising and tech, Gerry joined Flexpat to be at the forefront of change in work mentality - from dull 9-to-5 to location independence.



Educated in marketing and entrepreneurship, Lea has joined Flexpat to broaden her skillset by getting actively involved in virtually anything she can get her hands on. Instead of specializing in one single area, Lea much rather prefers to get out of her comfort zone and learn new things daily. Living in the fourth country in the last five years, she is truly driven by her Wanderlust and isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon.



Sam likes people. He likes everything about them, whether they’re good and honest, or evil and a little mischievous. This is because even more than people, he likes stories and believes stories are made by, of, and for people. Growing up, he’d get lost in every novel, movie, and TV show he could get his hands on and went to every party there was – just to see what happens next. Now, he travels around the world meeting as many people as he can, just to hear what they have to say. As a driving force behind the Flexpat community, Sam hopes to encounter many amazing people and to get to know their stories.



Fazal’s law career started in his home country, India. After having worked for a couple of years, he decided it’s time for a new chapter in his life and moved to the Netherlands to finish his higher education. Fazal brings in an artistic flair to the team - he has been actively involved in theater and has starred as Harry Potter as well as Greek tragedy villains. As a former state-level athlete, Fazal had no hesitation from jumping off a cliff into a sea full of sharks in Malaysia, nor was he afraid of taking a stand on controversial legal-political issues in his research publications. Always looking for challenges, both personally and professionally, Fazal joined Flexpat to achieve his goal of making a global impact with his work.



As an organizational psychologist, Laura is all about strategy. No greatness can be achieved from the comfort zone of daily routine, as innovation comes with daring decisions, which she is not afraid to make to change the status quo. For Laura, traveling is the perfect way to get to know more and more of who she is, in the ever-changing reflection of different cultures, from Brazil to Morocco to good ol’ Europe.



With no clue what to study after finishing high school, Linda moved to California to follow a minor in International Business. From this moment, she fell in love with the Cali ‘free of mind spirit’ and the american sports culture. Now after a bachelor in Economics and Law, she is trying to bring this open-minded knowledge to Flexpat, while planning her next travel adventures, which she always likes to share with her friends.



Elena believes that a smile can turn around one’s day, and sees Flexpat as a way to bring more and more smiles to flexpats around the globe, using her marketing weapons. With her aesthetic eye, she always finds a way to make everyone's day brighter and engage communities with amazing content.



Scalable architecture, database construction, and website performance optimization are the three key areas Erik cares about. As a digital nomad, he dreams of cruising the Caribbean and conquering the oceans. Prior to Flexpat, Erik co-founded a few open source projects and gained proper DevOps experience in various companies.



As a child of avid adventurers, Grace has been exposed to foreign lands, cultures, and cuisines from a young age. Exploring comes naturally to her and therefore she is constantly on the lookout for something that she hasn’t experienced before. The thirst for novelty has driven Grace to take up a masters study in Innovation Management. Within Flexpat, Grace puts on an avatar of Troubadour and ensures the support of strategic partners who amplify the impact of our vision.



Nanouck likes to define herself as an ‘expert’ in fun and adventures. A startup enthusiast at heart, she channeled her affinity to organize things and created her own craft beer company. Building on her background in political sciences, Nanouck decided to pursue her master’s degree in business. She’s been traveling the world for the past 5 years and dreams of living the flexpat life herself. In the meantime, Nanouck is on a quest to experience as many cultures and cuisines as she possibly can.


Intrepid Merchant

Niklas has lived in four countries during the last 5 years, which not only has helped him master his cuisine, but most importantly taught him to quickly adapt to ever-changing settings and situations. During his startup time in Berlin, he was determined to push sales a little further every time and always did better than the previous month. Niklas joined Flexpat to help us bring remote work to the world.



A humble man, Alessandro believes that he’s the world’s first accent-free Italian who is both a nomadic legal expert and kitesurf instructor. He left the beaten path in his early twenties for the complexities of international law. He spent time all over the world and made remarkable, lifelong friends. His dream day starts with a skate to the office, an insane amount of passionate work, a reading break – perhaps about the latest discoveries in dolphin communication – and an espresso. High on caffeine, he would head out for a kitesurfing session, then end his day staring at the sunset wishing he knew how to write sappy poetry.



Having recently returned from Asia where he lived for a couple of years, Mike has traveled the world and is always looking for an excuse to hop on an airplane. As remote work has become an integral part of his daily life, he’s found the perfect productivity hack for remotes - working from the lobby of five-star hotels where the internet’s steady and the coffee’s good. Mike’s a firm believer that it’s not about the destination but the journey itself. That’s why it comes as no surprise that he likes to get things moving and moving quickly. There’s no time to waste, always keep your eye on the prize and move forward: step by step.



Barnabas is fascinated with the world, always trying to understand how people perceive things differently. He likes to observe - be it a whole scene or just a tiny little detail, and catch the moment in his photographs. He is an explorer by nature, anytime, anywhere. You’ll find him on a journey to the Albanian rural life, to the bottom of the Red Sea, or at a local festival. Bonus points if the adventure somehow involves traveling, gastronomy, or cars. Having done research on startups and venture capital, Barna joined Flexpat to learn how things really work in practice.

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